About Us

Who We Are

Crown B Alchemy is a veteran owned micro-craft cannabis edible company born and based in Portland, Oregon at the end of the St. Johns bridge. Our mission is simple – passionately create the best tasting small batch cannabis edibles using the finest natural and organic ingredients infused with premium high-grade cannabis extracts. Treat the cannabis community, our employees and partners with respect, integrity and compassion while fostering positive outcomes with each interaction. We are committed to promote and facilitate safe, responsible and enjoyable use of our products. CBA achieves this by implementing extensive testing and quality control protocols along with in-depth consumer/partner education and training as well as the use of safe and responsible packaging. All our products use continually child resistant packaging for safety and are induction foil sealed for freshness, leak-proof and tamper evidence. Our packaging and containers also provide an easy, accurate and consistent method of dosing to allow consumers to fine tune their own adventures with precision and confidence.

As Alchemists in the simplest description, we transform things for the better. We are a small group of true cannabis enthusiasts who are focused on expanding its use, accessibility and enjoyment throughout the legal market. We really love what we do. Crown B Alchemy believes life is just better with cannabis…way better! So, give yourself a High 5 today. Elevate your experiences and expand the possibilities.

Alchemy, in medieval times was a seemingly magical process of transformation and creation that sought to convert base metals into gold and to formulate a universal elixir of life.

We’re leaving the lead into gold thingy to the nuclear physicists, but boy did we nail the “Universal Elixir of Life”